CCIQ throws support behind suite of small business friendly policies

Monday 30 October, 2017 | By: Kate Whittle Categories: election;

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has commended the LNP’s Getting Queensland Back in Business plan released today.

CCIQ’s General Manager of Advocacy Kate Whittle said that commitments to reduce taxes, deliver cheaper electricity prices, improve employment outcomes for Queensland’s youth, and invest in infrastructure across Queensland were all measures that small businesses in Queensland are eager to support.

“Small businesses are the engine room of our economy, and the lifeblood of our communities.

“For the 2018 Queensland State Election, CCIQ has three core pillars that capture business and industry needs, in addition to their expectations of the next State Government.

“We are calling for all candidates from all political persuasions to make genuine commitments to Growing Queensland, Powering Queensland, and Employing Queensland.

“To this end, the Chamber is pleased to see that the LNP has listened to our policy proposals, and sought to implement them in their plan for Queensland’s economy.

“We particularly welcome commitments to cutting taxes and charges, with the view to lift the payroll tax exemption threshold by $25,000 every year for the next 10 years.

“While CCIQ’s recommendations were to lift the payroll tax threshold from $1.1 million to $1.5 million with the view to long-term abolishment of the tax, we believe this is a step in the right direction to boosting employment in Queensland.

“The long-term pledge to raise the payroll threshold over 10 years sends a signal to business that they can expect policy certainty and stability when it comes to payroll tax, and ultimately policy certainty and stability is the most important factor when making business decisions.

“Further, we know that skyrocketing operating costs have been hampering small business growth, and we welcome any initiative that seeks to place downward pressure on electricity prices.

“We also know that red tape is a significant burden on the overall business operating environment.

“That is why Queensland small businesses welcome a commitment to reduce red tape by 20 per cent over 6 years, and are pleased to see ministerial and department red tape reduction accountability targets included as part of a broader suite of proposals to unlock the enormous potential of Queensland’s private sector.

“Lastly, Queensland’s business community expects the government of the day to responsibly manage the State’s balance sheet.

“To this end, CCIQ is pleased to see a commitment from the LNP to 4 sound fiscal principles that aim to ensure business taxes are reduced, and Queensland’s finances return to a more sustainable position.

As the voice for business in Queensland, CCIQ unashamedly supports pro-business policies.

Our promise to the Queensland business community and all political candidates seeking election is to maintain our nonpartisan position, assess all policies on their merit to the business community, and to be steadfastly independent in analyzing and encouraging constructive debate throughout the election period.

We call on all parties contesting the upcoming election to match or better the Getting Queensland Back in Business plan.  

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