CCIQ Urges Bi-Partisan Support to Close Double Dipping Loophole

Monday 6 May, 2019 | By: Dan Petrie

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has urged policy makers to close the casual ‘double dipping loophole’ and to correctly define what a casual worker is following months of confusion resulting from the Workpac Pty Ltd v Skene case.

CCIQ notes the Federal Government has intervened in the most recent case brought against Workpac by employee, Robert Rassatto.

The business sector welcomes a position of certainty in terms of what constitutes a casual worker and remains concerned of the potential of billions of dollars in backpay claims for smaller businesses especially.

In August, the Federal Court’s decision in WorkPac Pty Ltd v Skene [2018] FCAFC 131 ruled casual truck driver, Paul Skene should be classified as a full-time worker and entitled annual leave and associated entitlements.

CCIQ Head of Industry, Dan Petrie said business certainty is critical and not closing a double-dipping loophole where workers on casual loadings could potentially apply for years of annual leave could expose small businesses to billions of dollars in claims.

“Businesses need certainty in order to hire and to indeed grow.

“The recent move by Minister O’Dwyer is a pragmatic and sensible one that recognises that casual workers receive a loading rate (generally 25% higher pay) in lieu of entitlements such as annual and personal leave,” Mr Petrie said.

CCIQ notes that small businesses are among the biggest employers of casuals across the nation and oppose moves by government that allow employees to request permanency in employment after 12 months.

“Such moves to enshrine converting casuals into full-time workers after 12 months predominantly run counter to the realities faced by business operators and the choices being exercised by workers,” Mr Petrie said.

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    Both lawmakers Kevin Byrne and James Skoufis are demanding to close the double-dipping loophole in the favor of people. The people should be given pensions with over the age of 65 eligible. CCIQ took a great step in supporting them.

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