CCIQ Welcomes CSIRO Innovation Report for Queensland

Thursday 30 August, 2018 | By: Dan Petrie

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has welcomed the CSIRO's Q Foresignt report that aims to put a framework around the state’s emerging technology challenges and opportunities over the next twenty years. 

CCIQ notes efforts around research and technology build upon on a rich history of innovation and invention within the state.

CCIQ General Manager of Advocacy, Kate Whittle said the reports correctly identifies the opportunities for Queensland Business and points out that many traditional businesses are already at the forefront of such innovation.

“Innovation while a popular word is one that Queensland businesses have a long history in.

“Ultimately the technology shift we are seeing in the wider economy provides a snapshot of the future but it is important we correctly define what that future is,” Ms Whittle said.

CCIQ notes the state continues to see burgeoning tourism numbers from Asia paying for holidays via digital currencies and the state’s medical profession remains the envy of Australia with a series of world series breakthroughs.

 “The key point of the report and the actions taken from it should build upon a future where the state’s traditional strengths in mining, tourism, education and research continue over the medium to long term,’ Ms Whittle said.

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