Could having a Facebook Group could add thousands of dollars to your business?

Wednesday 7 September, 2016


Facebook is a major players when it comes to strategies to market your business online. If you’re still just sharing pictures with family and friends and not utilising the tools for business Facebook have developed, then you’re missing out in creating an endless stream of opportunities.

Sure you can post blogs, articles, videos and a variety of content on Facebook and I encourage you to do so, but I want you to go deeper. I want you to think how could you bring all your clients, prospects and the walking billboards that love what you do all together in one place. How could you add value to them each day while enhancing your relationship, your credibility and the trust between you? Welcome to Facebook Groups!


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There are a number of different items you can set up on Facebook. First there is your profile and this is where people can interact with you on a personal level. Then there is your business page and this is where people can interact with your business and then there is a group and this is where you build a following.

The power of a group is its features; these features allow you to build relationships with your group members like never before. Unlike a business page, in a group you can message each person, you can create events, do polls and most importantly everyone in the group gets a notification about your posts each and every time you say something. That means there is 100% engagement compared to about 5-10% in a business page.

However, there is a whole new level that we can take our Facebook group to and that is turning it into a ‘community.’ By turning your group into a community that talks to one another, helps one another and brings new people into the community, you have just created the most powerful ecosystem available to your business today.

I appreciate for some businesses speaking to their clients, prospects and total strangers might be a bit scary, however the amount of new business that you will generate will have you overcoming that fear very quickly.

So what is it that makes a group successful compared to other groups? Well, it starts with your mindset. The way the group owner thinks will determine its success. If you create a group to put up sales messages in every day, then it won’t take long before everyone leaves the group.

When creating a Facebook Group, you need to:

1. Add value to the people in the group with insights, knowledge and tips
2. Be personable and real
3. Share your expertise
4. Encourage interaction
5. Be consistent

The more you are seen in your group, the more your group members will tell other people about your group, invite other people to join your group and become walking billboards for you.

When this happens you have just started to increase your networks and your prospects potentially adding thousands of dollars to your bottom line. So don’t waste another moment, start planning your own Facebook Group today.


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