Data Deep Dive on the Queensland Jobs Market

Monday 29 October, 2018 | By: Marcus Smith

Total Employment in Queensland

The September ABS Labour force release showed total employed persons in Queensland rose modestly for the 24th consecutive month by around 1,900 to an estimated 2,492,200 persons.

This represents a 0.08 per cent increase on the previous month.


Growth for the 2018 calendar year continues to grow at a slower rate than the growth observed throughout the headier months during 2017.

Moreover, the September increase is below both the 5-year average monthly growth of 2,970 persons and the 10-year average of 2,433 persons.

From the sample consisting of the full range of the data series from February 1998 to September 2018 (N=487), September’s growth lies in the 34th percentile.








The figures indicate that full-time employment grew over September by 5,446 persons, which represents a 0.32% increase on August.

Gender and Employment

This increase in the number of full-time jobs was distributed relatively evenly between males and females, which implies females enjoyed a larger relative increase (0.041%) given that they represent a smaller proportion of total full-time employment.

Calendar year to date, full-time jobs in Queensland have grown by approximately 12,900 positions.



Part-time Employment

Part-time positions across Queensland fell by 13,500 to its lowest point since February.

The majority of the decrease was in males employed part-time (approx. 7,900) compared to the fall in female part-time workers (approx 5,500).

Despite the September decrease, part-time employment in Queensland has grown by approximately 11,900 over the calendar year.



Jobs Growth

Despite a modest story of jobs growth in Queensland over September, the state falls short in terms of being able to arrest its stubbornly high unemployment rate of 6.1%.

The current unemployment rate of 6.13% is on par with the 5-year average of 6.19%, and marginally higher than the 10-year average of 5.97%.

Compared against National Employment Growth

However, in contrast with the national average of 5.2%, the current unemployment rate places Queensland alongside Western Australia and sharing the unenviable position of the worst jobless rate in the country.

Accordingly, Queensland’s modest gains in full-time positions has done little in closing the employment gaps with New South Wales, Victoria and the territories.


The Queensland unemployment rate is consistent across gender, with the male unemployment (6.1%) being only marginally lower than the female rate (6.2%). The Queensland participation rate remained relatively steady at 65.8%, with male participation at 70.5% and the female participation at 61.2%. The participation rate refers to the proportion of the labour force who are either employed or looking for work.



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