Facebook, Google and Microsoft ready to help Brisbane business operators

Tuesday 1 March, 2016 | By: Darrell Giles | Tags: innovation, social media, technology platforms;

Every major industry is facing digital disruption.

From retail to transport to recruiting to manufacturing, all parts of the economy are discovering new ways to work that use digital technology to improve productivity and empower consumers.

Given the scale of the digital disruption it is easy for business operators to feel overwhelmed.

Later this month representatives from three of the world’s leading technology companies will be coming to Brisbane to help businesses make sense of the change.

The first is a media giant that creates no content. The second is a software vendor that doesn’t design apps. And the third has developed the operating system that runs on nine in ten computers around the world.

There’s a strong chance you use their products every day. They are Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Staff from the trio of tech companies, including Facebook’s Clair Deevy (pictured), will present at Mobile-ising Women in Business, a conference to spark debate on mobile technology among women, in Brisbane on March 22.

Clair Deevy banner

The event is a partnership between the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ).

Technology is integral to every business and every industry. Businesses who fail to make it a priority run a high risk of failure.

Business owners need to harness the power of technology, which can transform end-to-end processes, systems, sales, communications, customer relationship management and transactions.

Technology can also improve positioning, brand value and most importantly, customer experience.

Digital processes, including through apps for business, can automate many tasks, freeing staff to focus on aspects of the business that require personalised attention, such as customer service.

Customers want to connect with businesses digitally. The prevalence of social media means customer feedback channels are very public and very honest.

Conversations about your business, services and products occur all the time.

Mobile technology has enabled a constantly connected, always-on world in which the public conversation never stops.

Businesses need to allocate resources to monitor and participate in the online discussion.

It is better to be part of the conversation through responding to feedback and providing accurate information than to let criticism and misinformation spread.

Mobile-ising Women in Business will teach you how to give your business a boost and get the most out of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other technology platforms.

This rare opportunity allows you to learn from several innovation experts at the one conference.

Speakers at the event include:

•             Clair Deevy | Facebook

•             Richard Flanagan | Google

•             Sarah Vaughan | Microsoft Australia

•             Liz Ward | Digital Coaching International

•             Alice Manners | Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia

•             Jo Burston | Rare Birds

•             Bronwyn Yam | CommBank

•             Troy Roderick | Telstra

•             Rebekah Campbell | Hey You

•             Elaine Stead | BlueSky Venture Capital

•             Kate Carnell AO | Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

•             Theresa Moltoni | President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland

Mobile-ising Women in Business will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on March 22.

Information and tickets are available from https://www.acci.asn.au/events/mobile-ising-women-business-brisbane

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