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Thursday 14 July, 2016

As a self-employed massage therapist, do you sometimes wonder where your next customer will come from?

And as a customer desperately in need of some help alleviating tension or muscular pain, are you worried about finding the right massage therapist?

Well a helping hand is now available in South East Queensland.

Business partners Sheree Evans and Danielle McFarland have launched a start-up, Therapair, and will be working out of CCIQ’s Collaborate hub with the help of accelerator BlueChilli.

“Health and wellness professionals who choose to start their own business quickly realise that getting new customers is not as easy as they thought,” Sheree said.

“On the other hand, people looking for health and wellness services struggle with finding the right therapist to suit their needs and someone they can connect and feel comfortable with, instantly.

“That's where Therapair comes in.”

Therapair is a website that matches health and wellness professionals with the right type of customers based on their individual preferences and allows people to book appointments online with a therapist they've been matched with.

“It’s like eHarmony meets Airbnb for the health and wellness space,” Danielle said.

Danielle is a self-taught graphic, website and UI designer, and passionate entrepreneur with an eye for innovation and perfection.

Sheree, previously an animal carer and stunt woman, became a qualified remedial massage therapist after returning to Australia from volunteering at a community-run school in Argentina. Together, they built a successful mobile massage business from the ground up into one with multiple qualified health providers.

The pair have been involved in two previous start-ups. They are the co-founders of Mystro, a tech company that helps change the way health and wellness professionals run their business; and Healthinomics, an online website that offers bundles of ready-made social media content for health and wellness professionals.

They are in the perfect position for this third metamorphosis.

Together, they've learned that “sitting back and blending into the crowd doesn’t get you anywhere”. They are all about making change. And a change in the health and wellness industry is what they've set out to achieve.

Therapair has initially kicked off on the Gold Coast, with about 40 massage therapists on the books. But they have big plans to grow Therapair Australia-wide and into other areas of health and wellness.

Sheree and Danielle have targeted sole-trader massage therapists.

“They do not necessarily have the business skills or marketing experience, or the time to chase down customers. We want them to be successful, so we are there to bridge the gap,” Sheree said.

“We meet with every therapist first to take professional photos and videos so the customer can get a real sense of who they are before booking.”

For every booking Therapair creates for a therapist, they take a percentage of the booking cost. And the customer provides feedback to ensure everyone is happy.

The pair have just launched Therapair this month.

How it works:

  • Tell us what you're looking for, from your preferred gender or age, condition you need help with or insurance provider you want to claim through. We'll match the right therapist to your needs.
  • Once you've chosen a massage therapist from the matches we've found for you, you can book your appointment online instantly.
  • Now you've found the right massage therapist for you, you can have peace of mind knowing they are someone you can connect and feel comfortable with, in your home or at their clinic.

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(Danielle McFarland, left, and Sheree Evans of Therapair)


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