High-speed internet connection continues to pave the way in Noosa

Friday 8 April, 2016 | By: Darrell Giles | Tags: broadband, NBN, fixed wireless;

Noosa small businesses are one step ahead of Malcolm Turnbull and his NBN cohorts as more sign up to high-speed, affordable broadband – thanks to CCIQ Noosa.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) Noosa and Sunshine Coast-based Our Community Broadband (OCB) joined forces to deliver a fixed wireless broadband aerial network.

They have recently installed the third aerial in inner Noosa and several businesses have taken advantage and are already seeing the benefits of faster internet.

CCIQ Noosa President Peter Chenoweth said the location of the businesses – at Noosaville and on the North Shore – was significant as it demonstrated the reach from the new Noosa Hill aerial.

“A second fixed wireless broadband aerial was installed within inner-Noosa, on Noosa Hill, by Our Community Broadband. It already has live clients in Noosaville and on the North Shore. A third aerial has now been installed in Noosaville,” he said.

“The creation of a new, independent network continues to rapidly evolve and is way ahead of schedule. OCB continues to work towards the installation of up to seven aerials within inner-Noosa.”

Mr Chenoweth said it also demonstrated that small business could be self-sufficient and efficient.

“CCIQ Noosa welcomes the scheduled construction start in inner-Noosa next year of NBN Fibre to the Node (FTTN), but we are not waiting for it,” he said.

“Many of our local businesses are crippled by the inability to access fast, affordable broadband. Local businesses may now instead choose to leapfrog the forthcoming NBN installation and adopt at least in the short-term, a fixed wireless solution.

“The potential to secure fast, affordable broadband in inner-Noosa by the end of this year now lies within the grasp of local businesses and residents. Our choice is whether to continue to pro-actively come together to engage with the installation of fixed wireless technology, to move this dream to reality.

“The availability of fast, affordable broadband is a fundamental enabler of the local economy, helping local businesses lift their profitability, as we seek to move towards a resilient and innovative future."

Mr Chenoweth said CCIQ Noosa had not endorsed or recommended any specific internet technology and supplier and remained in discussions with NBN, TPG and OCB, including trying to assess NBN’s Technology Choice Program for Fibre to the Premise (FTTP).

“We want to provide members with various options. The availability of fast, affordable local broadband is a critical piece of enabling infrastructure which will help local small businesses increase profitability, innovate, and become more agile.”

Sepp Hock and Jesca Maas, from Asea Cellular Health (North Shore), one of the new businesses which had signed up, said they were delighted by the high-speed connection.

“We now have very fast internet, at a competitive price, very affordable. We can hold webinars daily and be online with several devices. We are now back in touch with our global business, from our home-based office and our business has grown substantially as a result.”

Ben Radcliff, Director of Belle Property Noosa (Noosaville), and another convert, said: “Since the service has gone live we are truly amazed with the result and we could not be happier. Our productivity has increased tenfold.”

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