How to tap into lead generation without using cold calling

Friday 9 September, 2016


Cold calling has been the number one tactic for getting more leads for decades, no matter what product or service was being sold. It has evolved into a specific niche of its own, called telemarketing. And if you want to know how effective it is at the present time, walk into a room full of people and speak out a single word: “telemarketer”. You will instantly see everyone shuddering in disgust or horror.

Yes, everyone hates telemarketers, and telemarketers themselves hate their work most of all. We are not speaking in hyperbole, but speaking based on research and statistical data. Here is the general opinion on telemarketing, or cold calling: 63% of the sellers hate this part of their job,
71% of potential buyers find cold calling annoying, 94% of potential buyers cannot remember a single marketing message or special offer they received in a cold call during the last two years.


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These staggering numbers should be enough to convince you that cold calling simply does not work anymore. Moreover, more and more countries over the globe have created special registries for people who do not want to be contacted by telemarketers at all. These registries keep growing by the day.

So, what are the best lead generation tactics at the present? Here are a few thoughts:

1. Build customer personas
The best way of addressing people is by appealing to their likes and values, and speaking their own language in terms of approach, tone of voice and wording. When people receive an email or an invitation, they can pick up the general-purpose tone of mass emailing rather than a personalised approach. And they will not respond to it.

Building customer personas means starting with a customer segment, giving it a face and a name, and adding demographic and behavioural characteristics. At a certain point you realise that you can talk to them as if they were real people in front of you. You understand their points of pain, such as being time poor, or being fresh out of college with no credit history and a pressing need to build one. You know what kind of solutions they are looking for when they go online searching in Google and on social media, and you can provide them with pertinent solutions.

2. Research topics and keywords
If you want to build a lead generation funnel, you need to be searchable and easily findable online. The topics you cover in your blog and the keywords you use in your content and social media posts should coincide with what your qualified leads are most likely to search for.

You can use Facebook™ audiences and lookalike audiences to understand your leads’ interests, hobbies and lifestyles, and then go to Google Adwords and search for the right combinations to give you the greatest impact on these audiences. The whole point is to give people the bullseye answer to their online queries, so that they read the title and the first paragraph and exclaim: “Yes, this is what I’ve been searching for!”

3. Plan the distribution channels for your premium content
In marketing, nothing is really free. Premium content, even if it is offered for free (at no monetary cost), should give you something valuable in exchange: people’s attention and email addresses.
The best way of attracting and nurturing qualified leads is by offering prospects, piece by piece, the elements of the puzzle that represent the full answer to their needs and problems. This is called drip-feeding, or prepping a prospect and helping them advance along the path towards the sale. You have several options: either share your content as email newsletters; or create downloadable eBooks, each download requiring an action from the prospect (opt-in, social media sharing, leaving a comment or rating).

4. Segment, Segment, Segment
This is the marketer’s slogan, one you must never forget in your lead generation efforts. Not all prospects are at the same distance along the path to becoming customers. Some are nearly there, requiring one extra push, others are just at the beginning, needing more enticing and more arguments. Each category should be treated differently, receive different messages and different pieces of content according to their position in relation to your business.

5. Set automated marketing tools working
Once you have your leads, and you have segmented them properly, it is time to start automating the lead generation process with the help of emailing clients, CRM systems and social media marketing tools – according to your budget and needs. Once this complex machine is set to work, all you have to do is oversee that everything is running smoothly and that your prospects are moving along towards the sale as planned.

In summary, everyone wants new leads and with the advent of new mediums the number of messages people see each day is ever growing. Cold calling is just one way to reach people, and I know you want to cut through, but it’s well over done now. It’s time to expand your marketing repertoire that won’t annoy your prospect before they even hear what your brand is about. 


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