It’s the most wonderful(ly hot) time of the year

Tuesday 19 December, 2017 | By: James Flaherty

‘Tis the season to be jolly! But unlike our northern counter parts who worry about white outs, Queensland business have a higher concern about black outs. With soaring temperatures and parts of Queensland experiencing 45 degree days this week, expect the air conditioners to be cranking. However, with electricity prices having doubled in the past decade small businesses are turning to alternatives to keeping their operational costs down this summer. Electricity bills represent a significant chunk of mum and dad small business operating budgets and will continue to exert greater pressure on profit margins as prices remain volatile and continue to rise.

That is why this festive season small businesses should seriously consider implementing some simple energy efficiency and demand management strategies. CCIQ is encouraging all businesses to take the power back from behind the meter, control costs and increase productivity.

Such strategies include:

  • Installing insulation.
  • Installing automatic doors.
  • Buy energy efficient light bulbs and install timers for lighting.
  • Consider more energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and use the thermostat to automate temperatures.
  • Restrict air conditioning to areas used by staff and customers only.
  • Set air conditioners 24 and 26 degrees
  • Implement staff awareness programs to encourage energy efficiency.
  • On shut down days, turn unnecessary equipment off, not leave on standby.
  • Speak with your retailer and get a Smart Meter installed to better monitor your usage.
  • If possible use energy intensive equipment in off peak hours (ie. Hot water systems)

Reducing your water and waste can also help ease operational cost burdens this summer. CCIQ ecoBiz assists and educates businesses to achieve cost savings through reductions in the energy and water consumption, waste production and greenhouse gas emissions. CCIQ has highlighted the business benefits of resource efficiency, including reduced operating costs and the potential for new business opportunities. This free program provides businesses with one-on-one coaching, tailored action plans, support and marketing opportunities.

Call ecoBiz today for your FREE energy audit

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