Labor Response to CCIQ Super 7

Tuesday 27 January, 2015 | By: James Flaherty

CCIQ is pleased to receive correspondence from Tim Mulherin MP, Deputy Opposition Leader, in relation to CCIQ's Super 7 election wishlist.

CCIQ General Manager, Nick Behrens, said as part of our Super 7 the Chamber ALP Responsehad called for bold action across seven key areas that would enable small business to grow and employ.

Whilst not an official policy statement, it is pleasing to see that Queensland Labor is committed to listening to the small business community, understanding our concerns and developing a dialogue between party leadership and grass roots businesses.

As part of the Super 7, CCIQ asked each part to commit to:

  1. Stimulating economic growth and job creation
  2. Delivering responsible fiscal management and restoration of the State’s AAA credit rating
  3. Driving down Government costs on business 
  4. Reducing red tape
  5. Enhancing productivity
  6. Investing in innovation
  7. Promoting business start-ups

Following responses by each major party, CCIQ has developed a ready reckoner, where businesses can read each party policy announcement and the impact that we believe it will have upon Queensland small businesses dependent on which party wins power.

Click here to view our policy comparisons

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