Labour Hire License Scheme comes to Queensland

Thursday 19 April, 2018 | By: Thomas Birkbeck

What has changed? 
The Queensland Government's Labour Hire Scheme started this week, requiring labour hire businesses to register to be licensed to continue lawfully operating in Queensland. 

What do I need to do?
If you're unsure if you are a labour provider, the definition outlined under the Act is, labour hire providers supply workers to work for another business or person and the workers are paid by the labour hire provider for the work they do. There are some exceptions which can be found here. 

To apply for a license, go to  

The Queensland Government has allowed for up to 60 days from 16 April 2018 for labour hire firms to lodge their applications. We recommend you start pulling your application together today, as disclosure requirements to obtain the license may be extensive. 

To obtain a license, you must be able to demonstrate 3 essential principles: 
  • you are a fit and proper person;
  • financial viability of your enterprise; and
  • compliance with laws and obligations associated with labour hire providers'

The license attracts a yearly application and renewal fee based upon the total amount of wages or salaries paid during the last financial year: 

Total wages paid in the financial preceding the day the application is madeTierLicense Fee
$1.5 million or less1$1,000
$1.5 million and up to $5 million2$3,000
Over $5 million3$5,000

There are some important sections detailed in the regulations which you need to be aware of about reporting and record keeping. Records must be kept in an orderly fashion and if digital, they must be backed up monthly. Not complying with regulations will attract a monetary penalty. 

It is important to note the six-month reporting obligations attached to the license. The Office of Industrial Relations will release guides shortly to assist you in meeting their reporting obligations, however, it is worth becoming familiar with the requirements while preparing your application. 

Where do I find more information?
If you are a labour hire firm, use a labour hire firm or are a labour hire worker, go to  to make sure you know your obligations.  

What should I do now?
If you are a labour hire service provider, you should: 
  • subscribe to to receive updates about the licensing process to have your application ready by 15 June 2018
  • implement a system where necessary information for periodic reporting is accessible
More information will come to light as the new scheme continues but if you are a labour hire firm, or are a labour hire worker, go to  to make sure you know your obligations.   

If you come across any issues in the process of applying and complying with this new scheme, contact CCIQ's Advocacy team.

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