Long-term benefits from good recruitment

Tuesday 31 May, 2016

Changing someone’s life is easier than you think, according to Carers Link Director Debby Brennan.

Recruiting staff can be a burdensome and costly exercise for many businesses.

Carers Link, a Brisbane-based care organisation, is thinking a little differently and might just have the solutions to your staff needs.

The Carers Link Workability program aims to upskill those with a disability to encourage social and economic participation.

With government subsidies and an opportunity to have your business recognised as a social justice leader, the Workability program can provide you with long term savings and benefits.

Carers Link will also mediate with training and apprenticeship partners to ensure the process runs smoothly and expected outcomes are successful.

To find out how Carers Link can help your business, call 07 3901 1165 or contact Debby (pictured below).

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Carers Link recently signed on as new members with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ).

We spoke to Ms Brennan about her career.

Business background

I started Carers Link in 2002 as a single operator working from home, with a simple value-based philosophy of “making a positive difference to people’s lives” by arranging respite for carers.

I’m proud of how the business has grown and evolved over the past 14 years to provide support and services to hundreds of families across the region.

We provide quality, personalised care for people with disability, the elderly and carers and have become renowned for our responsive, flexible and innovative services, and our passion for assisting people to live independent, fulfilling lives.

The most exciting thing about your work

I love my work because the vision of person centred support we deliver enables people to reach for their goals and achieve their own outcomes, which is so beneficial for individuals and their families.

I’m also excited about the opportunities that are evolving with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), as this fundamental reform allows us to be innovative and creative in the services we deliver, to respond directly to market needs.

It also gives us the opportunity to create valuable business partnerships with trusted companies, to allow for growth and expansion driven by consumer choice.

Goals for 2016 and beyond

Our goals continue to focus on delivering quality supports and innovative services to the community, like our popular social and recreational programs Camp Ability™ and Sociability Club.

Other exciting projects we’ll be launching this year include a smart phone app to increase accessibility and inclusion in the Brisbane community called Access 4000; and our Memory Function Assistance Program, which will potentially help those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries and other mental health concerns, to boost brain power and stimulate cognitive functioning.

Another area I’m passionate about is career development and employment opportunities for people with disability, and our new Workability program aims to upskill those with a disability to encourage their social and economic participation.

The biggest challenges facing your business today

Maintaining currency in an ever changing market; and finding dedicated and experienced staff that are passionate about delivering meaningful care.

Tips for business success

My best advice for success includes:

• Remember that participants come first and that positive outcomes are crucial to individuals and families;

• Recruit and motivate excellent staff, as they are the key to a successful business; and

• Be an innovative thinker, and remember success can be measured financially and by the people we touch.

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