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CCIQ represents over 448,000 state SMEs and advocates on local, state and federal matters to advance the interests of Queensland’s robust SME sector. For enquiries,  interviews, information or commentary from CCIQ contact Faith Jarvis, CCIQ Communication Manager on 0405494088 or 

How low can it go? Queensland business sentiment reveals the worst business conditions on record

Monday 2 March, 2020 | By: Faith Jarvis

The lowest business sentiment conditions on record across the state and lowest profitability level since December 2010 Key concerns are the impact of drought and bushfires, low consumer spending, increasing business costs and charges The State Budget is an opportunity to stimulate Queensland’s economy with productive infrastructure investments and focus on reducing increasingly onerous red and green tape Read more.

How the Christmas eve part-day public holiday affected businesses: CCIQ

Wednesday 5 February, 2020 | By: Faith Jarvis

In late 2019, a Christmas Eve-part day public holiday was rushed through Queensland’s last sitting of parliament and was imposed on businesses weeks later. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) had sought feedback from the small business community and advised the government on the negative impact this would have on businesses across the state. New data from CCIQ shows the impact it had. Read more.