COVID-19 Hotspot Recovery package taken to every Queensland MP

Wednesday 30 June, 2021 | By: Marina Pennisi

Today every Queensland MP has been notified of the need for a COVID-19 Hotspot Recovery package to support businesses in lockdown. 

Since the lockdown was announced yesterday, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has met and attended briefings with the Premier, Treasurer, Chief Health Officer and the Minister for Small Business Di Farmer to make sure they’re aware of the impact this lockdown is having on Queensland businesses and the need for a dedicated recovery package.  

CCIQ is contacting state MPs on behalf of small businesses to ensure those forced to close in the state’s third lockdown this year have access to payments of up to $25,000 to cover loss of stock and trade and support the reinstatement of business operations.  

CCIQ Policy and Advocacy General Manager Amanda Rohan said CCIQ first proposed the package during the March greater Brisbane lockdown and similar support was available in Victoria and Western Australia. 

“The New South Wales Government yesterday committed support payments for businesses but to date the Queensland Government has not committed any support,” Ms Rohan said. 

Since Tuesday we’ve been speaking to the Minister for Small Business Di Farmer on behalf of impacted businesses about the need for a support package to ensure they can get back to business as soon as possible.” 

A CCIQ survey of Queensland businesses in the past 24 hours showed 96% agreed support like the COVID-19 Hotspot Recovery Package was needed if they were to recover from this lockdown.  

This is the third lockdown for Queensland businesses and the second without a support package in place since JobKeeper ended. 

“The package is aimed at providing a safety net for businesses as well as certainty and support to continue,” Ms Rohan said.  

“The COVID-19 Hotspot Recovery package will create an opportunity to keep businesses open where able and maintain jobs, and support hotspot declared areas to return to business as usual operations after a period of restricted business activity. 

“There also needs to a focus on cushioning the potential economic impact of a hotspot from affecting broader regional and state wide supply chains, which the proposed recovery package can achieve.” 

Ms Rohan said it was important the state’s small businesses had access to timely, clear and consistent messages about COVID-19 updates and what it meant for them. 

It is vital business know what’s required of them to contribute to the boarder COVID-19 economic recovery agenda and support the whole business community to get back to business sooner,” Ms Rohan said. 

“CCIQ is encouraging businesses to be aware of their Check In Qld app obligations and if in doubt, ensure customers and patrons check-in to be safe. 

“It’s important for the Queensland business community to support one another to accelerate economic recovery.” 

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