Emergency assistance package for Queensland businesses affected by the coronavirus required: CCIQ

Sunday 2 February, 2020 | By: Faith Jarvis

 As the coronavirus increasingly impacts Queensland businesses, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) supports the call for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to implement an emergency assistance package to those affected.

 General Manager of Advocacy and Policy said negative impacts are already being felt across a range of industries including tourism and Queensland’s important export market.

 “There is no doubt our tourism industry is already being hit hard and they are not alone,”.

 “Seafood exporters are experiencing ramifications and there will be other industries who rely on export to China and surrounding countries now unable to do business. An emergency assistance package will need to consider these important industries too,”

 “Conditions for Queensland business have been tough and due to the ongoing, unpredictable nature of this current crisis people’s livelihoods are at real risk. They need support now to help them stay on afloat, so they can continue operating and contributing to the long-term success of our economy,“ Ms Rohan said.

 CCIQ supports the call for an emergency assistance package and implores the government to act quickly to help minimise effects which could be detrimental to Queensland’s economy.



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