Let's Get Queensland Moving Again: CCIQ

Monday 25 May, 2020 | By: Faith Jarvis

It’s time to open up travel within the State says the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ).

  •  The largest tourism market within Queensland is from Queenslanders travelling in our own backyard
  • Bringing forward state-based travel is needed to boost jobs and regional economic recovery

Opening travel within Queensland  is a must, as data shows Queenslander’s holidaying and visiting family and friends within the state is the primary tourism market for regional Queensland

 In December 2019 from the total tourism figures the percentage of Queenslanders travelling in Queensland were:

  • Brisbane – 56.4%
  • Gold Coast – 48.2%
  • Sunshine Coast – 72.4%
  • Far North Queensland – 67.7%
  • Wide-Bay – 87.3%
  • South West Queensland – 79.9%
  • Townsville – 82.1%
  • Mackay – 87.3%
  • Fraser Coast – 75.5%
  • Whitsunday – 63.4%

Put simply, Queenslanders backing Queensland will kickstart our economic recovery and with our borders still closed, opening up Queensland for regional travel will go a long way to supporting our state’s economic recovery. 

CCIQ’s general manager of advocacy and policy, Amanda Rohan, said right now there is an opportunity for the Palaszczuk Government to save struggling businesses and start resuscitating our economy, by bringing forward the state-based travel date, from phase three to phase two.

“When the Premier announced the Roadmap to Recovery, the line of sight for reopening was based on the information at the time, now cases remain low with regions recording no new cases, we are ready to get back to business earlier,” Ms Rohan said.

“Businesses feel that the Premier has put the plan in the place and is waiting for conditions to be perfect.  Yet if the last two months have shown us anything it’s that things are unpredictable and perfect may never come.

“But business can operate in ever-changing conditions, and so should the Government.

“The percentage of intrastate travellers confirm, we can provide a lifeline to our own state. Queenslanders love to travel and visit places within the state, let’s give the economy the chance to start recovering now.

“Bringing forward the ability for Queenslanders to travel around Queensland in a COVID safe way, will give businesses and consumers the ability to start planning and importantly spending across the state.

 “If state-based travel is announced now and in time for the school holidays, people can book time off, plan their trip, book their accommodation and be spending in a range of businesses which will be a gigantic boost for our economy.

 “There are regions in Queensland which have had no new COVID-19 cases for weeks, some have never had any cases at all for that matter, they are ready to get back to business.

 “For hotels, tourism providers and businesses in regions across the state, it would be a game changer.

 “We are not overlooking the fact that there will be social distancing and safety requirements , but businesses have shown they can adapt and put in place measures for everyone’s safety, that will continue, regardless of what phase we are in.

 “The statistics of intrastate travellers confirm, we can support our own state. Queenslanders love to travel and visit places within the state, let’s give the economy the chance to start recovering now.

 “We urge the Government to consider this option. As we wrote in our open letter to the Premier a few weeks ago, there needs to be a new normal in how the government does business, they need to show they are agile and can respond, just as our SME sector has been doing, so we can get Queensland moving again”




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