Small Full-Time Gains the only Positive for Subdued Queensland Job Market

Thursday 18 October, 2018 | By: Dan Petrie

Queensland’s unemployment rate remained anchored at 6.1% (on a trend basis) in September trailing the national benchmark of 5.2% despite an increase in full-time positions according to the latest data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
CCIQ notes that the creation of 5,445 full-time positions, distributed relatively evenly between males and females, falls short in terms of being able to arrest the state’s stubbornly high unemployment rate.

Queensland holds the unenviable position of having the worst jobless rate in the country for a second straight month.

While total employed persons in Queensland rose modestly in September for the 24th consecutive month by around 1,900 persons (0.08%), nevertheless, growth for the 2018 calendar year continues to grow at a slower rate than the growth observed throughout 2017.

CCIQ Head of Industry, Dan Petrie said that despite a small gain in full-time employment the data is reflective of Queensland’s subdued economic performance and indeed muted business confidence over the last year.
“Queensland has at best been only able to achieve modest gains in full-time positions and has done little in closing the gap with New South Wales and Victoria.
“The private sector is the key to unlocking a lower jobless rate and currently many businesses despite some positive announcements are not taking on workers in the numbers the state has traditionally seen,” Mr Petrie said.
CCIQ notes that the levels of economic activity around Queensland should increase coming into the December period as export volumes increase in the summer months.
“The Queensland economy year to date is best described as lacklustre with challenges around energy, industrial relations and obtaining finance becoming more acute,” Mr Petrie said.
Year to date, part-time roles have increased by 8,492 while 7597 full-time positions have been created.
Note: Data is sourced from the ABS and is based on trend data.
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