Nine out of 10 of Queensland businesses are failing at first aid

Wednesday 23 March, 2016 | By: Darrell Giles | Tags: first aid, Safe Work Australia, duty of care;

You are running a business. Your days are busy managing a number of sites with 30 staff.

One day you are looking through your emails, thinking of your next meeting when you hear a commotion outside your office. You investigate only to find one of your employees, Steve, unconscious on the ground.

You don’t know what happened, so you call for your first aid officer, Sarah to help. However, Sarah has gone home sick.

What do you do?

Research show 91 per cent of Queensland businesses are failing at first aid.

Under Safe Work Australia’s First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice, all workplaces have a duty of care to their employees.

Failure by businesses and their officers to provide applicable first aid equipment, facilities and training for staff may result in serious consequences.

To assist Queensland employers and workplaces to better understand the requirements of being first aid ready and being compliant, St John Ambulance (Qld) can assist your business to comply with the Code of Practice, using the Five Steps to First Aid Readiness.

Five Steps to First Aid Readiness

1.    First Aid Risk Assessment

Workplaces are expected to undertake a first aid risk assessment.  It is important to note that the first aid requirements of a given organisation are based on an individual first aid risk assessment evaluation and vary depending on the types of hazards, the size of the business, the number and composition of employees, location and distance from emergency services.

2.    Enough trained first aiders

Workplaces are required to have an accredited first aid officer on staff who also undertake annual refresher courses in CPR and renew their qualifications every three years. In low-risk workplaces, one first aider is recommended for every 50 workers. For high-risk workplaces, one first aider is recommended for every 25 workers.

3.    Accessible, visible first aid equipment

First aid resources and equipment, including fully stocked, up-to-date first aid kits, and the presence of clear first aid signage must be accessible to all staff in an emergency. First aid rooms may also be necessary for some circumstances (e.g. higher risk workplaces, workplaces located far from emergency services).

4.    Drills and first aid procedures

Workplaces must conduct drill training covering first aid protocols for all workers. All employees should be trained in first aid procedures, including the location and type of first aid kits, communication channels in case of an emergency, and the identifying and location of accredited first aiders in the workplace.

5.    You and your unique business

Each workplace should conduct its own tailored risk assessment that factors in the unique risks and needs of that organisation's setting. How do you cover first aid beyond standard business hours? How do you cover first aid when employees are driving in company cars?

Do you need help with first aid compliance?

St John Ambulance (Qld) offer total first aid solutions and can visit your workplace and provide a risk assessment and recommendation to minimise your business risks and meet the First Aid in the Workplace

Code of Practice.

St John Ambulance Queensland

1300 (STJOHN) 78 5646

Where can I get a copy of the code?

A copy of the Code can be downloaded from the Safe Work Australia.

Sources: First Aid Readiness in the Australian Workplace, March 2013


                First Aid in the Workplace, Code of Practice March 2015

Join new CCIQ corporate partners St John Ambulance (Qld) for an April 26 webinar: Are you first aid ready?

Business owners can find it overwhelming keeping up-to-date with the latest workplace health and safety codes of practices, however, a high proportion of injuries and incidents occur in our workplaces. It is integral that both employers and employees are first aid ready.

As Australia’s trusted suppliers of first aid training and services, St John Ambulance (Qld) understands the importance of first aid in saving lives. Administering first aid in the first five minutes after an incident occurs can dramatically change the outcome.

This presentation aims to assist business owners to achieve best practice in first aid standards. Business owners will learn key highlights from the First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice and how they can easily meet and go beyond the standards.

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