Is your on-boarding giving new starters the best first impression?

Thursday 13 December, 2018 | By: Jade Roberts | Tags: training, staff engagement;

First impressions count, so why are businesses not investing more in staff on-boarding and training?

The response is usually “It's just a process we have to do for all new starters", "it doesn't have to be fun, it's just part of joining a new business”. Sound familiar?

It's a common theme when dealing with businesses and discussing the importance of training and on-boarding. Yet some businesses don't understand there is a very real correlation between quality on-boarding and more motivated, happy staff. 

According to Forbes, on-boarding is the ideal moment to kick start positive experiences and relationships at work. It's one thing to have found the right person for the job but if you do not invest in proper on-boarding and engage new hires from day one, you're likely to lose them to another company. But, employers have to worry about more than just that. Providing quality training and on-boarding allows you as a business to cover your legal bases and provide the requirements for new starters that is expected by law. If a business' on-boarding and new starter training does not comply with OHS standards and/or other workplace regulations than you are opening your business up to a plethora of HR and IR risks. 

So how can CCIQ help your business with on-boarding?

CCIQ offers tailored on-boarding for its clients in order to create a one-of-a-kind induction that is quite literally made for your business. Customised inductions provide proper, specific employee training to new starters in your business, that is not only relevant to your industry but other specific business factors as well. These tailored inductions include a high-level monitoring of all training conducted by staff, as well as linking to your company’s policies.

An example of CCIQ's Tailored Online Induction service can be seen from client, Riviera Marine. Riviera CCIQ members, are the most awarded luxury boat building company in Australia and a major player in the global marine industry. They induct 10 new contractors each week using a customsied induction program built solely for Riviera to deliver to all new staff. 


Training is so imperative that if an employee is not suitably qualified for a role it can detrimentally impact a business’ profits, reputation and much more. So how can you engage new starters whilst fulfilling your on-boarding requirements as an employer?

1. You should use engaging and if possible tailored training during the on-boarding process of new starters.

This not only ensures your business is fulfilling its legal obligations but also ensures that your business is trying to make the best first impression in order to ensure staff remain excited about this new career milestone and to ensure they have a positive experience at their new place of work.

2. The next step is to review the role and responsibilities of each position in the business and edit these to reflect what is actually required from the role. 

No business is perfect, but we should all strive to improve our processes and training to ensure we are providing the best workplace for our current and new staff in order for the business to flourish.

Want to try CCIQ's training for free? Click here to organise this today.  

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