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Thursday 28 July, 2016

Queensland children who want to “run their own business” can join in the inaugural Lemonade Day on August 21.

This pilot program is the brainchild of Erin Watson-Lynn and Digital, Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial (DICE) Kids.

DICE Kids is a not-for-profit organisation and was the winning team in the Federal Government’s 2015 Policy Hack.

Ms Watson-Lynn, a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Monash University and Australian delegate to the G20 Youth Summit, is the founder of DICE Kids and has the support of senior executives from industry, academia, community organisations, and the startup community on the Advisory Board (including CCIQ CEO Stephen Tait).

Leading urbanist, businesswoman and philanthropist Lucy Turnbull, AO, who also happens to be the wife of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, is the Patron of the organisation.

dice kids

Under the program, lemonade stands will appear across the country on  August 21 as the next generation of Aussie business owners turn their hands to running their very own enterprise for a day. 

“Lemonade Day is about giving Aussie kids a taste of what it’s like to run their own business in a safe and supported environment,” Ms Erin Watson-Lynn said.

“More than that though, it’s about securing a path to continued economic prosperity for Australia.

“Children display the attributes of great entrepreneurs every day - risk-taking, creativity and resilience. Lemonade Day is about harnessing those attributes in an applied environment and helping kids to prepare for life as future business owners.”

More than 400 children across the country have already received their ‘I am a little entrepreneur’ kits that contain all the materials, guidance and support required to design, build and operate their own lemonade stand.

Harris Farm Market have provided a voucher for 1 kilogram of lemons for each box delivered in New South Wales and DICE kids have developed an accompanying ‘entrepreneurship education booklet’ written for 8 to 12-year-olds.

Ms Watson-Lynn said a family from Port Hedland had contacted her this week asking to be involved in Lemonade Day.

“It is amazing … the reach is really far and wide,” she said.

If the pilot program is a hit – which seems a certainty already – DICE Kids wants to make it a fully national event during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November.

“The potential is huge, we want it to become national, an annual event … to help kids start their first business,” she said.

DICE Kids Patron Lucy Turnbull was delighted to be lending her support.

“National Lemonade Day will encourage kids to achieve something on their own using their own resources and skills and hopefully the confidence they will get in doing so will give them an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset and attitude for the rest of their lives,” she said.

DICE Kids has partnered with Muru-D startup, Our Little Foxes, a creative projects startup that delivers new programs to children each month.

Ms Watson-Lynn said: “Our partnership with Our Little Foxes has been the perfect way to get Lemonade Day into the hands of kids across the country.

“With continued support, DICE Kids plans to scale this project to reach our goal of 180,000 kids from all walks of life across Australia exposed to the program.”

Our Little Foxes co-founder, Donna Armstrong said: "We are on a mission to build a generation of confident, happy and resilient kids - teaming up with DICE Kids for Lemonade Day 2016 is the perfect partnership. We love and support the DICE Kids philosophy, and encourage families to get involved and join their kids in creating something magical for Lemonade Day 2016.”

Parents who would like their children to participate in the pilot Lemonade Day can make a one-off purchase of the Lemonade Day box by visiting the DICE Kids website www.dicekids.org.

DICE Kids’ entrepreneurship education contribution to the ‘I am a little entrepreneur’ box was made possible by support from CSIRO and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ).

About DICE Kids:

DICE Kids is a not-for-profit organisation created at Policy Hack 2015, an event hosted by the Assistant Minister for Innovation, BlueChilli and StartupAUS. It was conceived by a multi-disciplinary team of senior executives from industry, academia, community organisations and the startup community.

About Our Little Foxes

Our Little Foxes launched in 2015 and delivers magical moments for families. Our kits are designed to be enjoyed at home and inspire happy, confident and resilient kids. Our programs are designed to inspire stronger parent-child connections.

For more information about Lemonade Day (August 21): www.dicekids.org




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