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Tuesday 2 July, 2019 | By: CCIQ | Tags: payroll tax;

CCIQ successfully advocated for payroll tax relief for businesses in its State Budget 2019 submission. This directly resulted in the State Government announcement of payroll tax changes as part of the 2019-20 state budget.

What these changes mean for your business
From today the payroll tax threshold will lift from $1.1million to $1.3million for all Queensland businesses.

This means that you will not have to pay payroll tax for wages paid below the new $1.3million threshold.

  • If your business pays wages of $1.3million and above, you will pay the tax based on:
    • 4.75% tax on wages between $1.3-$6.5million.
    • 4.95% tax on wages over $6.5million.
  • For a registered regional business (with 85% of wages paid to employees who reside in regional Queensland), you will receive an additional 1% discount on your payroll tax rate. This means you will pay:
    • 3.75% tax on wages between $1.3-$6.5million. 
    • 3.95% tax on wages over $6.5million and over.
  • 50% payroll tax rebate is available for businesses with two of more years on apprentice and trainee wages.
  • 100% payroll tax rebate is available for businesses that can demonstrate net growth in full-time employees, capped at $20,000.

For detailed information on the payroll tax changes, please check out the Office of State Revenue website.


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