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Energy Alliance

Alliance Demands Energy Action

Wednesday 8 November, 2017 | By: James Flaherty

As the Queensland election battle intensifies, three of the peak bodies representing business are combining to make sure that the issue is acted on by all sides of politics and commitments are made to drive real change and reduce energy costs. Energy Alliance2 Read more.


Power Price Crisis Sparks Policy Solutions

Monday 6 November, 2017 | By: James Flaherty

In recent CCIQ research, power prices were the number one hot topic facing business in Queensland and CCIQ is pleased to see both sides of politics attempt to address this key business issue in the first week of the election campaign. Read more.


Wednesday 18 October, 2017 | By: James Flaherty

The Federal Government announced yesterday their alternative to the 50th recommendation of the Finkel review, the Nation Energy Guarantee, NEG-ating the Clean Energy Target (CET). Read more.