QLD Government's Summer Preparedness Plan

Friday 13 October, 2017 | By: Thomas Birkbeck

Summer electricity use is expected to hit a new record this year.

Under the Summer Preparedness Plan 2017-18 drawn up by the QLD Government’s Energy Security Taskforce, households and business could be told to set air conditioners to 26 degrees.

According to the document released by the Department of Energy and Water Supply:

“Workplaces may be asked to use air conditioning at 26 degrees only in occupied spaces, avoid using advertising lights and other non-essential lighting, and turn off non-essential electrical equipment.”

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Energy customer advocate and former Energex manager Mike Swanston reported to press while Queensland had enough generation to meet peak demand, there is no room for error if something should go wrong. 

The plan’s recommendations come after an extreme heatwave impacted eastern Australian states in February this year and only 548 MW were left in reserves. Other states have fallen victim to blackouts including South Australia and Victoria proving to be the most at risk. While the likelihood of blackouts is expected to be low in Queensland, it pays to be prepared. 

This news can prove to be worrying for residents and businesses alike, however, there are small things which can be done to reduce your power bill and lessen the chance of "bill shock".

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