Queensland October Retail Sales Lead the Nation With Record Sales as ‘Green Shoots’ Emerge for Local Economy: CCIQ

Thursday 6 December, 2018 | By: Dan Petrie

Queensland retail sales led the nation growing by 1.1% in October compared to the national figure of 0.3% following a stronger September by the state’s retailers, with October sales registering a record $5.37 billion.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) notes that sales within the supermarket, apparel and hardware segments improved by more than one per cent respectively suggesting that a pick up in the local economy may finally be underway.

CCIQ Head of Media and Industry, Dan Petrie said Queensland’s latest retail data builds on a solid month of sales in September, and reinforces the anecdotal view of an improvement in trading conditions more broadly.

“As a report, a 1.1% growth figure is the best month on month performance of retail data since April 2017, and the performance of retailers in the last two months has been a stand out next to comparable states.

“We have seen a boost to inventory levels which augurs well for the Christmas period, with the green shoots finally starting to appear for the Queensland economy,” Mr Petrie said.

CCIQ notes while a change of season may have provided a boost, it is important for consumers to feel confident about spending in the state’s retail sector. 

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Dan Petrie
Media and Communications – Economy and Government
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland
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