Queenslanders Gear Up for the Small Business Election as Economy Fears Dominate: CCIQ

Thursday 31 October, 2019 | By: Dan Petrie

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has today affirmed that one year out from the state election, the small business sector is putting the Palaszczuk Government on notice where a repeat of the last three years of levies by stealth, a lack of discipline around public sector spending and Christmas Eve public holidays will not be tolerated by a business community operating in a state whose economic performance is one of the worst nationally.

The Small Business Election will be fought on ensuring the Queensland economy is not only growing but providing a pathway to jobs and businesses to thrive.

CCIQ notes that the State Labor Palaszczuk government’s handling of public finances, rushed proposal around a Christmas Eve Public Holiday and delays to key projects currently see Queensland with one of the worst rates of hiring intention and a lack of private sector investment along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

The Australian Labor Party and Liberal National Parties will go into an election year where the state’s small businesses continue to deal with elevated electricity prices, onerous compliance burdens and business confidence levels currently testing record lows.

The May Federal election was one where Queensland voters punished the Labor Opposition for a confused position on the state’s mining sector and policies that would have direct impact on the state’s millions of retiree incomes.

The overreach of the Palaszczuk government in industrial relations, bonuses to public services, obfuscation on key water infrastructure in the Southern Downs and politicking around the Adani Carmichael mine have only served to frustrate private sector investment in the state.

Whilst the government’s lifting of the payroll tax benchmark was welcome in the June budget, that relief has been offset by making one of the busiest trading days of the year subject to a part-holiday loading.

The government of the day cannot put out press release after press release without being called to account by the state’s 450,000 small businesses who will not get a taxpayer funded bonus and will somehow have to pay more to the government for operating a going concern.

CCIQ and the chamber network will continue to advocate and remind the government that Queensland’s history of being a small business state comes from a legacy of ensuring low taxes, sensible regulations and an environment that encourages investment that benefits all Queenslanders.

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