Regional Businesses Welcome LNP's New Bradfield Water Scheme: CCIQ

Friday 1 November, 2019 | By: Dan Petrie

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has welcomed the state opposition’s proposed New Bradfield Water Infrastructure Scheme for regional Queensland as a project that will address the state’s water challenge and provide a platform to extend Queensland’s agriculture industry so as to realise the export opportunity in Asia’s burgeoning middle class.


The New Bradfield Scheme would see the construction of a series of dams and irrigation channels across Queensland that would also include the construction of a hydro plant as well as the diversion of waters into the Warrego river significantly boosting inflows into the Murray-Darling Basin.


CCIQ notes that regional enterprise will be at the heart of the Small Business Election where growing the economy will depend greatly on a strategy that boosts exports and extends investment in the state economy.


General Manager of Advocacy at CCIQ, Amanda Rohan said that such projects have been long talked about and it is important that this is not only given consideration but assessed as both an opportunity and indeed an investment in the country’s future.


“The architects of this plan, famed public administrator, Sir Leo Hielscher and businessman, Sir Frank Moore have provided a project that has long been talked about but would have a transformative effect on the state’ agriculture.


“We often lament the lack of a bold vision for Queensland but this project is certainly far reaching and one which has the buy in of a lot of regional businesses,” Ms Rohan said.


CCIQ notes that the plan’s $15 billion construction would have to be met by the Federal and State governments and take at least 20 years to build.  

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