Retail Sales on the Improve as Queenslanders Add to Their Homewares and Boost Their Coffee Intake: CCIQ

Friday 2 November, 2018 | By: Dan Petrie

Queensland retail sales grew by 0.3% in September tracking higher than the national rate of 0.2% for the month as a surge in homewares and eating out boosted the state’s cash registers.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) notes that sales within the supermarket segment remained elevated at A$1.88 billion with household goods purchases across the state also up 0.4% to $907.8 billion.

CCIQ Head of Media and Industry, Dan Petrie said Queensland’s latest retail data in a climate of soft economic conditions provided a positive sign that activity within the state economy was picking up.  

“As a report, trend growth of 0.3% is hardly record breaking, but there are clear signs that people are starting to consume more.

Shoppers are also heading back to the state’s restaurants and cafes with $734 million spent over the month representing the best result for the sector since November 2016 ,” Mr Petrie said.

CCIQ notes while a change of season may have provided a boost it is important for consumers to feel confident about spending in the state’s retail sector.

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