SEO, Strategy and LinkedIn: It Is Not All About You

Monday 19 September, 2016


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential to businesses being found online. Both within Google and LinkedIn.  Often I speak to clients, and they develop their SEO around what they think. But it is not all about them!  It’s also about the keywords your ideal audience would use to find you. reported
that 85% of consumers search on the internet when looking for a product or service provider.  And on LinkedIn, it was recently reported that 80% of members want to connect with companies they perceive as beneficial, backed up the by the finding that half of all LinkedIn users are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on this platform.

When looking at your SEO strategy as it relates to your LinkedIn profile, the first step is to devise a strategy. This includes knowing who you are targeting on LinkedIn, what problems you can solve and how they’ll solve them for prospective clients.


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Once there’s a clear picture of who you’re communicating with on LinkedIn, you can speak clearly and directly to them via your profile. If you don’t have this, it’s a bit like being in a noisy room. You can hear glitches of conversations, but nothing is clear.

Once you’ve strategised who you’re talking to, you can develop your keywords around what they’re likely to use in their online searches.

You not only need to have keywords but the right keywords your ideal audience would use to find you.  So the key to this is aligning with the words your ideal audience would use to find you. These might be different to words you’d generally use. Or industry words.

For example, if you’re a sale trainer that trains in the Challenger sales mythology, a customer could type in ‘Sales Trainer Sydney’, but there are others who might type in ‘sales training Sydney’ or ‘Challenger sales training’.  Ensuring you have enough keyword variations in your profile means that people can find you for what you want to be found for. 

In some cases, the search terms are more around the problem - particularly when the service offers solutions. I recently worked with a client who had a uniquely-named stress management service. So we chose not to include the specific product name in the SEO. We instead included terms relating to the problem the service would address, such as stress management, stress in the workplace, and managing stress at work.

Keep in mind that some keywords will be more competitive than others. This means that to get a strong, targeted result, you may need to be more specific. For example, the keyword ‘accountant’ would be a competitive keyword. It’s also not very specific to what you do. By instead changing the keyword to ‘mobile tax accountant’ or ‘chartered accountant’, you’ll achieve a more targeted response that better aligns with your goals and ideal client. 

You should also consider location within your LinkedIn SEO. Even though you may be able to work with clients in multiple locations, people searching will often include a location.

Once you have developed your keywords, you can then test and measure to determine which ones will work best for you.

By being aware of your audience, and the words that they would use, you are on your way to be found by your ideal client on LinkedIn. 



About the contributor:

Kylie Chown helps business owners, professional service providers, coaches and consultants increase their visibility on LinkedIn.She is currently 1 of only 7 people in Australia to be Certified as a Social Branding Analyst by Reach in the USA.She is the co-author of CONNECT: How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile for Business Growth & Lead Generation. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Management Today, Women in Leadership and Management Australasia, Human Capital Online and Leaders in Heels.




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