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Friday 12 May, 2017

Straight up I will tell you that the title is attributed to Kate Miller-Heidke, singer songwriter. The classically trained Queensland born girl with the looks of an angel and the voice to go with it. I have seen her perform in concert in Townsville and Sydney.

This post is not about Kate but the concept and metaphor the song has evoked in relation to partnerships and collaborations in business. Kate’s take on her collaborations in one of her albums is reported by music writer Iain Sneddon (10 March 2014) for the Australian (Arts):

“Each song that features a collaborator,” she says. “the collaborator came first, then the song. Some people don’t like writing to a brief but I do. I like the idea of trying to hear Megan Washington’s voice in my head or Passenger’s voice in my head and then to create something that tries to complement their talents as singers and musicians.”

This is the true art of collaboration.

When someone is smart enough and egoless enough to see the value in adding to their range, performance, skills and abilities great things happen for all involved.

Musicians are practised at this. They grow up working in bands and orchestras, listening to the beat and rhythm of each other. Tuning in to the feel of the overall direction of the leader whether it is the conductor or the lead performer.

These people learn to work together to produce the most beautiful and powerful compositions by working in harmony. Some times one section takes the lead and then at others another section takes over. Each equally important and together they create a thing of true magnificence.

Recently when sitting in the Capitol Theatre watching the performance of the Lion King with my 18-year-old daughter I took in the range of the performers on show. In the wings the percussionists stood in full sight. Down in the orchestra pit the other musicians played alongside the choir. These performances were just as spectacular as the onstage characters. In this instance, the musicians supported the actors, puppeteers, singers and dancers to create the combined visual daydream that was like a 3D animation come to life.

None of this could be possible with any one person or part taking over and dominating.

The same could be applied to a business or organisation. The beating heart and soul of the body is made up of several ‘organs’. These teams or sections work separately but together to integrate the overall machinations of the whole. When one gets out of sync with the whole then everyone feels it. This is the culture of the business or organisation.


The collective energy that the business organisation emits will pervade the atmosphere. If it is good energy then the ‘organ’ or team, division or section will thrive. If it is negative energy, then, like a disease it will quickly spread throughout affecting all involved in some way.

The CEO or business owner has a responsibility for setting the tone of the business or organisational culture.

Ensuring that rhetoric matches reality. Better still, get rid of the rhetoric and just get real. It is one thing to recruit top talent but even more important is looking after them when they are in the door. Loss of staff and continual recruiting for the same position is a costly exercise.

The point of this discussion is to celebrate the power of true collaboration in small business and organisations and with others outside. This is the way of the future and if you haven’t got on the Value-Added Partnerships bandwagon you soon will or you will be left behind.

1. Sneddon, I. Kate Miller-Heidke takes a dizzy twist in a playful direction with new album O Vertigo, The Australian Arts, 10 March, 2014. 


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