Small businesses have seen power bills double

Wednesday 2 March, 2016 | By: Darrell Giles | Tags: Quality Energy, power factor correction, electricity prices;

Electricity prices have, on average, doubled over the past seven years, which has created an enormous hurdle for small businesses trying to remain competitive.

CCIQ is confident that the removal of regulated prices from July 1 will ultimately drive better outcomes for consumers in terms of choice, efficiency, customer service and lower prices.

One of CCIQ’s corporate partners, Quality Energy, is trying to do its bit to help small businesses beat the big bills.

Managing Director Luke Stratford says he is passionate about supporting businesses with the challenges they face around rising energy prices.

He has spent 17 years in the electrical sector – with 13 years spent around Power Factor Correction – as well as four years working in the oil and gas industry in Oman and Algeria.

“I took over as director of Quality Energy in 2011 and have grown it into a national supplier of Power Factor Correction Systems,” Mr Stratford said.

“We are proud to say we are the only specialised Power Factor Correction manufacturer building systems in Queensland.”

Mr Stratford said small businesses could develop several strategies to ease the electricity bills.

“I love helping businesses save money and reduce rising energy prices,” he said.

“I have spent most of my life around Power Factor Correction equipment and have seen the benefits first hand that it has. Now that I manufacture my own systems, I take a lot of pride in the outcome our systems provide businesses.

“My goals for 2016 and beyond are focusing on educating business around Australia on the benefits our products have. Power Factor Correction equipment offers extremely healthy returns and there are currently rebates that business should take advantage of while they are still available.”

Mr Stratford said there were many big challenges facing the industry today.

“Most businesses are not aware that Energex and other power distributers have recently changed the way they charge for power. A recent change from kW demand to kVA demand means rising energy costs.

“To simplify this, if you are spending more than $3000 a month on power there is a fair chance your business has been affected by these changes.

“At Quality Energy, we can help reduce these rising costs.

“Businesses often take their time in deciding to proceed in a particular direction. I feel our solution should be high on all businesses priority list to help them deal with rising energy costs.”

Mr Stratford has several tips for success:

Never lose sight of your ultimate goal

Don’t let people say that you can’t do something

Work hard, but remember you also need life balance

Always take on board information supplied by people with more experience than yourself. What you do with that information is then ultimately up to you.

Join Luke Stratford for Quality Energy’s March 8 webinar: A cost effective solution for rising energy costs. Register here.



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