Staying ahead of urban trends in the hotel sector

Tuesday 9 August, 2016

Hotels have to keep abreast of worldwide trends to keep attracting guests.

New CCIQ corporate partner Hotel Urban Brisbane is no different.

General Manager Murray Rowbotham (below) said staying one step ahead of others in the hotel sector was crucial to remain competitive.

“At Urban Brisbane, we pride ourselves on being ‘more than a hotel’ which means our team strive for the best possible service, whilst delivering a unique, personalised accommodation experience for all guests, in our own, quirky way,” he said.

“That being said, we recently asked our customers about their latest experiences, what they noticed was trending in the accommodations scene and just what they wanted out of a hotel stay to make it special.”

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This is what they told Urban:


In this modern day and age, free Wi-Fi should be a standard offering in hotels, but the truth is, some properties out there are still charging for Wi-Fi.

With so many guests reliant on continual connection, this is a priority.

“Urban Brisbane offers free Wi-Fi for all guests and event holders on site. No strings attached,” Mr Rowbotham said.


Gone are the days of hotels getting away with the terrible, watered down 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combo, tiny cake of soap and greasy body lotion that smells like peppermint feet.

Guests are getting more and more conscious about the products they use in hotels, and believe that the quality of the bathroom amenities are a reflection on the quality of the hotel overall.

Partnering with premium, Instagram-worthy brands means hotels deliver a VIP, pampered experience to guests.

“After all, why would they want to pay for the same experience they could get at home,” he said.


Local charity partnerships are certainly not a new thing.

Championed, and made trendy again by the likes of Grill’d with their ongoing ‘Local Matters’ program, guests get a kick out of knowing that their hard earned dollars are not just going to a hotel’s bottom line but also to a worthy local cause.

“Urban Brisbane is proud the support Hummingbird House, Queensland’s only children’s hospice as its local charity, through the Eva and Les Erdi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation,” he said.


“This came as no surprise to us. Who doesn’t want to be made to feel special or important, but with so many guests coming and going, it can be difficult to hit the mark every time.”

 Enter the ‘guest insider’ program, adopted by quite a few hotels at an operations level. Designed to incentivise all operations team members, this program encourages the team to take note of little details such as the type of drink a regular guest orders at the bar, maybe they leave Kit Kat wrappers in the room every time they stay, request an extra pillow, only drink a certain type of beer from the mini-bar, and so on.

These little tidbits of information are compiled in the guest’s profile, so the next time they stay, some of these little details are already taken care of before the guest even has to ask.

“Now that’s service done right.”


An all-inclusive mini-bar is something that guests are talking more and more about, and until recently was unheard of in the Australian market.

With premium hotels in Australia leading the way in this space, it won’t be too long before inclusive mini-bar becomes industry standard.

New York hotels are at the forefront of innovative packages and ideas to woo local and international visitors.

Some of the current trends include:

VIPaws pet programs

Grocery delivery to your room

Customised My Stay programs (with choice of pillows, food, sports equipment, musical instruments)

Picnic kits

Corner stores in the lobby

Map Apps

Junior guest programs

City Bike passes


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