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Managing minor misbehaviours at work

Wednesday 4 October, 2017 | By: Colin Fruk | Tags: HR, performance management, culture, management;

No staff member is productive 100 percent of the time. People step away from their desks to stretch their legs or they duck out to see if the parking inspector has left them a note, while some indulge in a full round of office hellos each morning. When are these non-work activities a problem? Read more.

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Time to move on

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Colin Fruk | Tags: firing, termination, HR, management, regulation, redundancy;

It'll happen. There will come a time when one of your employees acts in a way that means they simply can't stay on. As business owners, doing something about it falls to you. But there are ways you can make it easier on yourself, your business and the person you're letting go. Read more.