The 10 minute task that can transform your business

Thursday 14 April, 2016 | By: Colin Fruk | Tags: Pulse Survey, advocacy, reform, member benefits;

It may sound like an overstatement, but quite literally, taking five or ten minutes to complete the surveys we send you can radically improve your business's bottom line. 

How, I hear you ask? Well, here are four good examples:

  1. In 2013, the Queensland Government quoted a CCIQ survey as one of the key reasons for changing the law to prevent workers from suing employers over very minor workplace injuries. It saved every Queensland business owner an average of 17% off their WorkCover premiums the following year!
  2. We used survey feedback from our members in the hospitality sector to argue for a reduction in Sunday penalty rates, and this prompted the Fair Work Commission to lower penalty loadings of many casual staff. This has undoubtedly saved hundreds of restaurants and cafes (not to mention jobs) in these tough times.
  3. Queensland businesses have won back thousands of dollars worth of lost productivity thanks to members telling us about over-regulation in areas like tax reporting, health & safety, and council approvals through our bi-annual Red Tape Reduction Survey since 2009.
  4. Outrage over the Carbon Tax, expressed consistently through our quarterly Pulse Survey of business conditions, gave the then federal opposition the ammunition it needed to campaign against and eventually repeal the scheme in 2014. Pulse provided our members (especially those in manufacturing, construction and mining) the opportunity to describe the negative impacts of the tax on their business, family and employees, and ultimately, win the argument.

Sure, none of this is particularly sexy subject matter. "Tax simplification" or "regulation reform" certainly don't grab headlines in the same way as buzz words like "innovation boom" or "business model creation". But for any owner-operator, these are the legislative issues that eat into margins and hold us back.


In a world where the truth is often obscured by party politics, vested interests or heightened public sentiment, reliable data is now more powerful than ever. We want you to see the immediate commercial benefits that our advice, events and business tools can bring. However you should also consider how our advocacy services can give you an even bigger return on your membership investment, often with a simple stroke of the Governor's pen.

So next time you see a CCIQ survey in your inbox, please share your experience and opinions with us. We rely on your stories, and you'd be surprised how often one person's feedback can make a difference for everyone.


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