Twelve big wins for small business in the lead-up to Christmas

Thursday 8 December, 2016

It has been a big year for small business in Queensland.

For the first times in ages, small businesses are starting to see the first shoots of growth and, with real hopes of good Christmas sales, they look forward to kicking off 2017 in a better place.

CCIQ’s on-going examination of all economic data, through its Economic Updates and Pulse Surveys, points to continued growth, albeit slight, and signs of improvement over coming months.

The Sunshine State is bucking the trend seen in other parts of Australia and that is the best news to end what has been another challenging year.

Representing Queensland’s 410,000 small businesses, CCIQ has gone above and beyond to help improve the economic environment for each and every one of those SMEs.

But we couldn’t have done it without you: our members and the wider business community. You have provided us with the relevant feedback to go to battle and secure big wins on many fronts.

Federal, State and Local Government has listened to small business. Not enough … but certainly on some key issues and that has led to significant changes.

CCIQ has been the champion for small business, enabling owners, managers and their staff to get on with the job they love doing.

And we won’t stop now. CCIQ will ensure that we are there for you in 2017 and every year after that. We are your voice when you need to prod those politicians into producing.

There are 12 (business) days until Christmas. We will celebrate the 12 days with you and reflect on some of those big wins across the year.

Many happy returns.

12 days

A Dozen Delivered:

1.         Reinforcing CCIQ as thought leaders

Big win: Authoritative and comprehensive monthly Queensland Economic Update for small businesses, Pulse Quarterly Survey of Business Conditions, and key industry sector reports.

2.         Bringing stability and certainty to Queensland’s electoral cycle

Big win: Securing fixed four-year Queensland Parliamentary Terms from the next State Election, as the loudest advocates of the Yes campaign.

3.         Securing a future workforce for Queensland’s regional businesses

Big win: Defeating the 32.5 per cent Backpacker Tax proposal in partnership with Queensland’s tourism industry.

4.         Bringing down electricity prices for businesses

Big win: Achieved deregulation of the south-east Queensland retail electricity market enabling greater competition and better prices for business.

5.         Stopping major supermarkets from driving out competition

Big win: Recommendations adopted to amend the Competition and Consumer Act to prevent large companies like Coles and Woolworths from misusing market power such as engaging in price wars.

6.         Reducing the operation costs for businesses

Big win: Blocking the introduction of the proposed Commercial Waste Levy which unfairly targeted businesses.

7.         Championing red tape reduction for small businesses

Big win: Getting red tape reduction on the State Government’s agenda through CCIQ’s Red Tape Survey.

8.         Major player in shaping Queensland’s innovation ecosystem

Big win: Lobbying Federal Government for changes to R&D Tax, Crowd Funding, Entrepreneur Visa and Tax Incentives that favour small businesses and not just start-ups.

9.         Bringing major projects to Queensland

Big win: Helping secure projects such as Queen’s Wharf redevelopment, West Village and Adani Carmichael mine to boost confidence, create jobs and deliver infrastructure.

10.        Developing a workforce to power our future economy

Big win: Achieving employment, education and training reforms such as Youth JobsPATH, Back-to-Work and VET student loans.

11.        Strongest advocate of Queensland regional businesses

Big win: Establishing a strong network of small business representation across Queensland, bringing on-the-ground regional issues to the State Government agenda.

12.        Making small business voices heard in all corners

Big win: CCIQ lodged 50 submissions to governments on behalf of small business, had more than 2000 mentions across all forms of media and a viewing audience of almost 75 million people.

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