CCIQ Power

Save up to 30% on your power bills

CCIQ Power is an Australian-designed energy management system that learns your business's energy patterns and manages your appliances' efficiency.


Once installed, our smart monitor learns how your business uses lights, air conditioners, hot water and other appliances. From your computer or mobile device, you can track consumption and savings and even control your appliances remotely. Best of all, you’ll know what your bills will look like before they arrive. 

A recent trial shows most Queensland businesses start seeing a return on their investment in just 4 months. Request a callback to start your savings journey today.


Get even more from solar

If you have a solar, CCIQ Power will maximise your feed-in tariff by deciding when solar electricity should be used to run appliances, and when to send power back to the grid.

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Request a callback here, or phone us on 1300 288 648 for a no-obligation discussion about how CCIQ Power could save your business money.

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