Take the hard work out of getting paid

M10 Front with Mint Logo freeCCIQ Pay is a pocket-size device which lets you take credit and debit card payments on the spot using your mobile phone.

  • No lock-in contracts or hidden costs
  • Works with almost any smartphone
  • No monthly fees on our basic plan

With CCIQ Pay you can process payments immediately and receive cash in your bank the very next day. Your customers get more convenience and you can say goodbye to chasing invoices!

Terms & Conditions

How does it work?

Using Bluetooth technology, the CCIQ Pay device turns your mobile phone into a credit card processor. Built for small business, it’s strong, secure and easy to use.

CCIQ Pay accepts payments from any Visa, Mastercard, debt or EFTPOS card. You can process chip, PIN and contactless transactions.



CCIQ Pay offers affordable plans and won't sting you with excessive merchant service fees. Buy your device for $199 and then choose a plan with no hidden fees.

Self Starter


High Roller

Monthly Fee $0Monthly Fee $19.95Monthly Fee $29.95
Transaction Fee 2.5%Transaction Fee 1.59%Transaction Fee 1.4%
Optimal Volume $0 - $2,666Optimal Volume $2,666 - $5,000Optimal Volume $5,000+
EFTPOS $0.40 per transaction

EFTPOS $0.32 per transaction

EFTPOS $0.28 per transaction


*All prices and charges are exclusive of GST. The CCIQ Pay app is free of charge. You can find it in the App Store and Google Play and easily download it to your smartphone. Simply search for CCIQ.


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