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Our core business is helping you stay compliant and avoid the costs, fines and penalties which come from managing people in the workplace.


Can you afford to make a mistake?

Penalties, fines and back-pay from making Fair Work mistake can destroy your business. CCIQ provides protection and assurance that your business is covered. We're here to save you time, money and worry.


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Employer Assistance Helpline

Our Employer Assistance Helpline is staffed by our experienced HR advisors. We’ll talk you through concerns such as employee counselling, redundancy, union activity, leave entitlements, and general workplace health and safety. 

Our team of employment law specialists fields more than 800 calls from business owners and people managers every single month over our Employer Assistance Line.

Join CCIQ and you can call us anytime, for free, to get experienced, measured and impartial assistance on:

  • hiring staff on the right Awards and with the right paperwork
  • paying employees correctly
  • calculating overtime, penalty rates, entitlements and leave
  • enterprise bargaining
  • covering yourself with the right HR policies
  • industrial relations and union issues
  • downscaling your workforce
  • responding to employee grievances and Fair Work claims
  • much more

Workers' Compensation Helpline

Our Workers' Compensation Helpline is a free service for all Queensland-based employers to help with information about managing WorkCover claims, premiums, return-to-work plans and more.

Templates, Policies & Procedures

www.CCIQtemplates.com.au is an online catalogue of easy-to-understand HR templates which members and non-members can implement into their business immediately. Members get 20% off everything.

CCIQ COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

If your business is considering mandatory vaccinations for employees, CCIQ's Precedent Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy is essential to protect your business from legal action. It is important any such policy:

  • Makes it clear which categories of employees it applies to.
  • States the timeframe in which employees have to be vaccinated.
  • Outlines a process for dealing with exemptions, for example, on legitimate medical or religious grounds, and.'
  • Specifies what the consequences might be if an employee does not comply with the policy.
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