Wage Rate Compliance Check


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland’s (CCIQ) Wage Rate Compliance Check (WRCC) gives businesses confidence that they are applying the correct Modern Award, classification level and wage rates to each employee.

Understanding which Modern Award and corresponding classification level apply to each of your employees lets you to identify the correct award wage rate and conditions of employment. This check will help you ensure you are paying your employees correctly, to avoid an underpayment of wages or wage theft claim.


Wage Rate Compliance Check

$825 inc GST

Conducted by our team of qualified HR and employment law experts, your check will include:

  • An initial application to gather the information required,
  • A written report listing compliance levels and areas of concern or non-compliance based on the information provided,

  • Recommended solutions to help you quickly achieve compliance.

Australia has one of the most complex industrial relations frameworks in the world, meaning it is easy to make mistakes. The numerous changes to employment laws over the past six months mean it's more important than ever to be proactive and avoid the possibilities of fines or jail time.


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