Cyber Health

Australian businesses lose $29 billion each year due to cyber attacks. Is your business protected?

Queensland business at risk of compromising their confidence, reputation, data and bottom line with cyber attacks have access to a suite of free, local and accessible workshops and resources to help protect their cyber security. 

There are measures you can put in place now to protect your business – and Cyber Health is here to help.


Get your Cyber Health up to scratch with our free program

With cyber security incidents reported every 10 minutes, now more than ever it's critical to take action to safeguard your business reputation and bottom line.

Funded by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources, CCIQ and REDD have launched Cyber Health, a free cyber security program with resources and tools to secure your business. 


Free resources to secure your business

Not only can a cyber breach cost your business financially, they can also damage your brand’s reputation and cause long-term effects. Don’t let your business be at risk; see Cyber Health’s range of free tools and educational resources:


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Free online Cyber Assessment tool

Identify gaps in your cyber security with our free Cyber Assessment tool, powered by BrightREDD. Selected businesses whose results indicate their cyber health needs a boost will be chosen to complete a more in-depth Cyber Vulnerability Audit. Limited places available.


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