IA-CEPA Certificate of Origin

What is IA-CEPA?

IA-CEPA stands for Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA), which entered into force on 5th of July 2020. 

As one of the fastest growing economies in the Indo-Pacific, Indonesia presents a significant opportunity for Australian businesses. By some estimates, Indonesia will be the world's fifth-largest economy by 2030, IA-CEPA ensures that Australia is well-placed to deepen economic cooperation and share in Indonesia's growth.

As strategic partners and the two largest economies in Southeast Asia, the agreement also complements and supports our shared interest in fostering a secure and prosperous region.

What this means for Australian exporters?

IA-CEPA builds on the benefits of the ASEAN-AUSTRALIA -New ZEALAND Free Trade Area (AANZFTA).

IA-CEPA eliminates tariffs not eliminated by AANZFTA on a wide range of products including live cattle, some dairy, some citrus and vegetables. IA-CEPA also graduate reduces and eliminates tariffs on frozen beef, frozen sheep & goat meat, honey, mandarins, fruits and nuts, grains and cereal, sugar and other agribusiness products. IA-CEPA also factors for manufacturing, energy and resources goods.

Please note:
AANZFTA remains operational and it is up to the exporter to evaluate whether AANZFTA or IA-CEPA is more beneficial in terms of tariff reductions for their product and market reach – regional vs local. For assistance ask CCIQ International.

How to benefit from IA-CEPA?

IA-CEPA Certificate of Origin is required for your importer to benefit from the reduced tariff rates under IA-CEPA.

CCIQ is authorised to issue IA-CEPA Certificate of Origin, but first you need to register with CCIQ by completing the below documentation:

Once both documents have been completed, e-mail to exportdocs@cciq.com.au

Please note: The Bill of Lading or the AirWay bill are required.


Electronic Certification

e-IA-CEPA is also available by essCert – CCIQ's electronic Certificates of Origin issuing system and will be available in the near future from the alternative CertConect.

IA-CEPA Certificate of Origin Assistance

Contact CCIQ International at  exportdocs@cciq.com.au or 1300 731 988 for assistance with completing your IA-CEPA Certificate of Origin (COO) template and the issuing of your IA-CEPA  Certificate of Origin.

IA-CEPA COO's training modules will be available in the near future for CCIQ members.