Carbon neutral business

Queensland businesses are encouraged to aim for a new standard in sustainability and carbon neutrality to help secure their competitive advantage for procurement and tender opportunities and meet changing consumer expectations.    

CCIQ is leading a transformative agenda to accelerate the state’s business community to be more diversified, resilient and competitive through sustainability as the first state chamber in Australia to achieve carbon neutrality following a year-long refocus on how staff used electricity, transportation and recycled waste.  

Carbon neutral businesses are able to: 

  • Future-proof their organisation,  

  • Attract and retain talent,  

  • Meet growing expectation from stakeholders,  

  • Stand out from competitors,  

  • Save energy and reduce costs,  

  • Develop carbon management expertise,  

  • Connect with the community; and  

  • Enter the carbon neutral supply chain.  


Becoming carbon neutral  

CCIQ as a workplace took a series of steps to achieve carbon neutrality, starting with leading a transformation in the way staff thought about their environmental footprint, including turning off computers at the end of the day, reducing waste sent to landfill and making the most of public transport. 

Carbon offsets were purchased through the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation's Merepah Station fire project in Cape York. 

CCIQ values the importance of sustainability, not only for us but for the influence we have to drive a sustainable focus in small business Queensland-wide,” CCIQ Chief Commercial Officer Alex Zafiriadis said.   

“Adopting sustainable business practices is an operational priority among small businesses aiming to reduce production waste and save on utility expenditure.  

“These businesses leverage a high quality reputation among the business community and their staff who already value the impact they are able to make in working sustainably. 

“A sustainable focus ensures we’re making a positive impact on the environment we all depend on to do business.” 


Climate Active and carbon neutrality 

ClimateActive 100 Australian Offsets RGB Org

CCIQ’s Climate Active certification means the not-for-profit reached carbon neutrality, or achievenet zero emissions for its business operations. 

 To do this, CCIQ calculate the emissions generated through day-to-day activity, reduced them in office and purchased carbon credits to compensate for the remaining emissions.  

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ecoBiz: Sustainability tips for Queensland businesses  

Small and medium Queensland businesses are able to develop an action plan to help save money and increase efficiencies with the help of an ecoBiz expert through CCIQ’s free ecoBiz program, funded by the Queensland Government.  

Already 90% of registered businesses recorded an increase in productivity and savings.  

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Carbon neutral news 

Read more about how CCIQ achieved carbon neutrality and what it means Queensland businesses via CCIQ's media releases