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Small Business won’t thank driver of Bill Bus

Monday 3 April, 2017

CCIQ is delighted that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is making Far North Queensland the first stop on his regional bus tour where he will get to meet many of the 22,049 small businesses that call the region home and contribute to the employment of over 110,000 locals across every imaginable industry. Read more.

Rockhampton City High rises from Fitzroy River

Cyclone Debbie Rockhampton Floods

Monday 3 April, 2017 | By: James Flaherty

Following on from Cyclone Debbie, CCIQ urges all businesses in the Rockhampton region to follow the directions from authorities and evacuate if they have been advised to do so. Read more.

Cullens Article 1

Why should I pay for a trade mark when I can get copyright for free?

Tuesday 21 March, 2017 | By: Blake Knowles | Tags: start-ups, business owners

Knowing what's best for your brand from a legal perspective can be tough. Understanding the difference between trade marks and copyright can save your business money and can be valuable for your brand. Copyright is a very useful form of IP and certainly has its uses, but information about what's right for your business can be hard to disseminate. Read more.