Workers' Compensation Helpline

CCIQ has been entrusted by the Workers’ Compensation Regulator (Office of Industrial Relations) to deliver a free workers compensation information service to Queensland employers. 

In Queensland, Workers’ Compensation Scheme is regulated by the Workers’ Compensation Regulator. Under this, employers are required to have workers compensation insurance to ensure their employees can access compensation should they sustain a workplace injury or illness. This compensation insurance is available through WorkCover Queensland or employers can become self-insured by gaining a self-insurance licence and complying with specific requirements.


Need workers' compensation advice?

Our advisors can help you with information about WorkCover claims, how to handle returning to work, case reviews and appeals processes, and more. We can also help you understand the steps in the process, where to find relevant information and who to speak to at different points along the way.

Our service is available to all Queensland employers through this website and by calling 1300 365 855 and speaking with an advisor or emailing

There are also a number of webinars and face to face presentations held across Queensland from time to time. See our events page for what's coming up.