Electricity price setting approach destructive to Queensland business

Tuesday 31 May, 2011

Today’s decision by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) to further increase electricity prices by 6.60 per cent is proof that the current Benchmark Retail Cost Index (BRCI) price determination process needs an urgent overhaul, according to peak industry body Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland. Read more.

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The Rules of Redundancy

, | By: Colin Fruk | Tags: Fair Work, HR, IR, redundancy

The business is booming, making money, and life is good. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worse, and you are forced to let staff go to make ends meet. Many of our members have been fortunate enough to avoid dealing with redundancy, but when a situation arises where an employee or group of employees must be made redundant, it can be challenging for business owners to navigate the complex requirements.  Read more.

New Staff member

Starting your people on the right foot

, | By: Claire Harrison | Tags: small business, smart business, onboarding

The most dangerous time for employee dissatisfaction, low productivity, and turnover is during the first few months of employment. Since a carefully considered employee induction process will enable new employees to become productive members of the organisation quickly, time invested into the process early will pay off with substantially higher employee retention and productivity levels down the road.

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